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Smart Way to Sell Books

The Deal: I will Market your Books if you write me ONE Love Letter

I am a Content Writer and Internet Marketer who is busy with a "Love-Letter Project" and I need 100 Love-Letters - from you.

What I will give in exchange for you,  depends on your requirement (laps normally over one month - so get your timing right). It can vary from Articles, Social Media, emails, Posts on my PR2 Blog with Permanent Backlinks, etc. Just be assured, you will get a good package!

Just think: you have lots to gain and nothing to lose because writing one love letter by a good author is as easy as water flowing down a river.

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Just One Love Letter

It is no secret that some authors struggle to get the sales on their books good enough to maintain a proper standard of living. Given the nature of a typical author, they find the marketing side of their books sometimes a schlep - something that diverts their focus and attention from the writing effort - to something which they are not always completely geared for - not even to mention - in the mood for. They then end up with months and years of hard work invested in a book just to be slowed down or sometimes even halted by the annoying struggle to get it out to the public and get the money in the bank.

Markets, Marketers and Technology

Markets like Amazon have made a huge difference and most of the authors will admit that. The social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others are also well utilised by the authors to get their books out. But, is that enough?  Most authors will say: "No!" The markets and technology are only one element of the book sales; the other element is the "know-how". It is like a lovely car which can take you all over the country, but you must first "know-how" to drive it before you can use it.

Authors are authors and it is unfair to expect from them, who sometimes live on a shoe-string budget, to compete against the know-how of the internet marketers. The latter is doing the selling for a living, hence get paid to take other people's products to the market and sell it. That brings us to the next problem, as the word in the previous sentence clearly indicates: "paid". Authors don't always have the means to pay for an Internet Marketer to sell their books and they, therefore, need somebody else to help them selling their books.

Authors - are we stuck?

Do we have to accept it as a fact of life that there are thousands and millions of excellent books still "on the shelf" and will never be in the hands of the public? What about that big launch, 1500 invites out and only 12 eventually showed up? Or, is there another smart way to sell books.

The Smart Way to Sell Books.

A new initiative is now developed which will help authors to get their books out via a Professional Internet marketer, at the price of ... just a few hours or even minutes of their author skills.

The Smart Way to Sell Books is via Bartering where they will exchange their skills for the service of an Internet Marketer. That is a win-win situation without a large financial layout which will help many authors to get the exposure they so desperately need, to get their books out to the public, to get their money in the bank!

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