Sightseeing in St Albans

St Albans is a beautiful historic town, located just outside the M25 on the way to the north of England. The main attractions are the Market on Saturdays, The Cathedral, The Fighting Cocks pub and the Waffle House at the lake.

The Market

In the town centre is the market: an absolute buzz on Saturdays. A large variety of products are on offer – ranging from fresh produce, fresh meat and fish, cheese, and clothes.

St Albans Cathedral

A lovely walkway leads to the large Cathedral with stretched out green lawns up to the lake. It is worth spending time in the Cathedral with its wealth of history and fascinating architecture.

The Fighting Cocks

The Fighting Cocks pub at the foot of the Cathedral next to the lake, still has the fighting pit where they used to have bets on cocks, fighting to the death, inside the pub. It  is the oldest pub in East Anglia and is, therefore, a Grade 1 listed building.

The Waffle House

There is nothing better to end a sightseeing walk in St Albans than to have a divine cinnamon waffle with maple syrup in the Waffle House on the side of the lake. The place still has an original flour-mill with grinding stones, powered by a waterwheel, inside.

St Albans is therefore really worth a visit.