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Mini Vacations

Kids love summer vacations, but they aren’t always practical or affordable.  Here’s a great idea to give your kids a vacation without breaking the bank or taking time off from work.

A Place Nearby

Take a mini vacation with your family.  Find a place that is within two hours driving distance.  Book a hotel room for the night or weekend, and take off with your kids.  Taking a break from your home is fun for the kids.

Hotel that has a swimming pool

Find a hotel that has a swimming pool or other recreational activities for the kids.  We planned a trip last summer to a mountain resort that had miniature golf, an alpine slide, and rock climbing.  We spend the day outdoors with our kids and had a great time.

An in-room movie night

Plan an in-room movie night.  Rent a pay-per-view movie and make a quick run to the nearest grocery store.  Stock up on some fun treats, and have a movie night in the hotel room.  Maybe you already do this at home, but a change of scenery, and the addition of several beds to sprawl out on, makes this a fun event.

Eat out for your meals

Since you aren’t taking a longer vacation, you can spend a little more money on food.  Find a fun local restaurant to eat dinner.  You can always turn your mini vacation into a learning experience for the kids as well.  Read up on some of the local history and talk about it over dinner.  It will them learn more about the places nearby your home.

Mini vacations can be a lot of fun and can be planned quickly without a great deal of effort.  Have fun with this idea and try out some places that you haven’t been to before.