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Live Tidy to Be Tidy and Smart

Final Destination to Live Tidy

Make sure that each object in the house has a place where it should be stored and everybody should know about all the storage places of all the objects in the house.  For example – don’t store shoes in the lounge, but rather put them in the shoe cabinet; don’t dump a jacket on the sofa or on the stair rails – rather hang it in the wardrobe; store bags and suitcases in a place where they are not obstacles for anybody who is moving around in the house – day or night.  When somebody drinks a cup of tea or coffee in their study, the empty cup should go to the dishwasher or sink where it gets washed at an appropriate time.  Therefore, whatever anybody is using, make sure it gets put back in its “final destination” when the immediate usage of that object is done – and don’t make any excuse that it will be done later; that is the first step to untidiness. There are a few exceptions to this to this rule: When things are broken; we put it at a temporary location so that it can be fixed and when large boxes get emptied; we also put them at a temporary location until we can recycle them.

Leave a room in the same/better state than you’ve found it.

Assume you are entering a room in a tidy state.  During the time when you are there, you do several activities i.e. reading the newspaper, drink a cuppa or even take off your shoes.  Those are all normal activities in any household and activities which make us feel at home.  However, when you leave that room, with the intention not to return soon, put away that newspaper in a condition that somebody else can read it; take your cup with you to wherever it should go and put your shoes in the shoe cabinet where they are supposed to go.  You then restore the room to that same/better state than you have found it.

Don’t leave obstacles – or be one

People want to move around in the house freely and they don’t want to bump or fall over a bag, bookcase or box which somebody else has put in the way where it is not supposed to be.  This is especially important for entrances, hallways and landings – which are the main traffic gateways of the house, but also an easy way to put things down or store temporarily when you can’t find a place for it in your own room or living space. Don’t sit or lay down in a place in such a way that other people will find it difficult to move around or over you.  It does sometimes happen that you need more space to play a board-game or do some homework or craft, but be considerate with the other people and make sure that you are not an obstacle for them.

Remove rubbish, Recycle and don’t hoard to Live Tidy

This heading doesn’t need much more explanation; however it is not so easy to live by.  We all think we will need that object, book or paper sometime in the future – and then store it – never to be seen again – till all the available spaces are filled up and need a mass clean-up.  And what about that beautiful vase which came with the bouquet of flowers from your special friend; the whisky bottle in the leather sleeve; the wooden wine box with your name engraved in it?  Sometimes we recycle something – just to buy it the next week again - because we need it. Keeping or dumping things are a personal choice and have to be executed within the framework of necessity, available space and sentiment.  We will never have to throw anything away if we have the storage space of Amazon’s warehouses – but no household is in that position. These are just a few tips to live tidy – but there are many more practical tips which you can find to live more tidy – as described in 10 Ways To Be Neat, Tidy, And Organized – Every Day and also Dirty Little Secrets of Tidy Families. Finally, we are not born  tidy people, but we come to a point in our lives when we deliberately have tp, or will have to, change our life-style, willingly or under protest for the health and well-being of other people around us. In other words: It is a smart lifestyle to live tidy.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]